Answers to commonly asked questions

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Can I have a Cedar Room specifically designed for my requirements?

We have a number of standard size Cedar Rooms, if however, you would like to create your own size and specification, we will listen to you and work on some prices for you.

Does my Cedar Room require planning permission?

Under new regulations that came into effect 1st October 2008 Cedar Room’s (outbuildings) are considered to be permitted development, not requiring planning permission, subject to a few limits and conditions. For more detailed information see – http://www.planningportal.gov.uk/permission/commonprojects/outbuildings. It is the ultimate responsibility of the home/land owner to ensure their Cedar Room meets Planning & Building Regulations, although we are on hand to give advice and support.

How long will it take to install a Cedar Room?

Once we arrive on site we will aim to have your Cedar Room completed and ready for use within 15 days. Our smaller rooms take around 7 days and the larger rooms 15 days to complete. Once we have completed your Cedar Room we will clear up after ourselves and remove any rubbish or debris so you can enjoy your beautiful Cedar Room from the minute our vehicle pulls away from your house!

How much does a Cedar Room cost?

An Cedar Room is a high specification garden room and is built with the quality and construction methods of a new home, therefore the price of an Cedar Room should be compared with the price and inconvenience of an extension rather than the price of a shed. The Cedar Room is an affordable investment to your home which will not only add extra valuable space but will also add value to the price of your home if you come to sell in the future. For your very own Cedar Room prices start from £1050 per square metre (within 75 mile radius of our office address).

What can I use my Cedar Room for?

Cedar rooms are built to the exacting standards required for new homes and are therefore fully insulated, draught proofed, heated and suitable for all year round use. Whatever the weather in the garden the cedar room will be a haven of warmth and comfort. A cedar room makes a perfect home office, guest studio, music room, gym, games room or chill out zone.

What foundation does the Cedarroom have?

Our Cedar Rooms are generally built off pile foundations.

Why a Cedar Room?

Cedar Room’s are designed and constructed by specialists in garden room manufacture. You can be reassured that your Cedar Room is a sustainable piece of architecture which is constructed using high quality fixture and fittings. With high performance window & doors and efficient insulation you will know that your Cedar Room uses minimal energy to keep warm and to keep cool. What is included in the price of my Cedar Room? Site survey, plans, foundations, timber frame manufacture & erection, external cladding, internal plaster boarding, painting, internal electrics & lighting, thermo efficient windows and doors and wood flooring.

Will my Cedar Room be built using sustainable construction methods?

Cedar Room is designed and constructed by a team which is passionate about eco development and sustainable construction methods. The team is drawn from industry experts who have worked on various, ground breaking projects – leading the way in sustainable design and construction in the garden room industry.

Bespoke made eco-friendly Garden Rooms, supplied from Felixstowe, Suffolk, across East Anglia & Greater London. We feel it's really important to conduct a site visit where possible. By doing so we can meet our potential clients, and gather a real understanding of specifically what you want.