Stunning bespoke garden office rooms in Suffolk, made for you.

Garden Office Rooms Suffolk

Bespoke Garden Office Buildings in Suffolk

Our garden offices are meticulously crafted using both Cedar and ensuring they seamlessly integrate and complement your garden surroundings. We take pride in offering bespoke cedar garden office rooms in Suffolk, perfectly tailored to meet your distinct needs.

If you’re uncertain about what you’re seeking, our dedicated in-house designers are ready to guide you. Our designs can incorporate timber cladding, or even be adjusted to fit atop your current conservatory brick base. Aesthetics are at the forefront of our Hardie®Plank garden room designs in Suffolk, but we also rigorously adhere to all building regulations.

Our Cedar and Hardie®Plank garden offices stand out for their efficiency and adaptability. We can shape them to fit any specific dimension or form, attending to the finest details. Whether you’re envisioning an expanded Cedar home office, a creative art studio, or a delightful nook for hosting guests, trust that we’re equipped to realise your vision.

A garden office can truly transform your garden, changing the way you live, work, and even save money. Imagine having an outdoor office space right in your own backyard, allowing you to fully appreciate your green surroundings whilst having a distinct space dedicated to both personal and professional endeavours. No more agonising over traffic jams or wasting time on commutes. Plus, you’ll see a reduction in energy costs and find yourself saving more each day.

Our garden office designs in Suffolk cater to those seeking a blend of style and functionality in an office space – regardless of its shape or size. We have all the resources you need to commence building your ideal garden office right away! So, why wait? Contact us to discover how we can help bring the garden office of your dreams to life.

Our Cedar and Hardie®Plank office garden rooms are crafted to perfection, blending exceptional quality with affordability.


Do you need planning permission for a garden office pod?

Don’t worry about the hassle of planning permission, as our garden office buildings do not require it! Not only that – you won’t need to pass any building regulations either. With us, your garden office dreams can come to life without all the extra paperwork and red tape.

When do I need planning permission for my garden office?

It’s usually dependent on where you live whether or not you need permission to build a garden office. Fortunately, most areas in the UK do not require this kind of authorisation for such structures–unless your residence is listed, flat-style, maisonette based or an SSSI (site of special scientific interest) , you live in a conservation area or an area of outstanding natural beauty. But if none of these cases apply to you then obtaining planning permission should be unnecessary.

Can I sleep in my garden office?

Garden rooms usually do not require building regulations, except when they are going to be used as overnight accommodation. Standard garden rooms typically don’t meet these specific requirements and thus can only be utilised temporarily for sleeping in, regardless of the circumstances.

Does a garden office need ventilation?

The amount of ventilation that we recommend depends on the purpose of the Cedar room; if used as a living or recreational area, much more exhuast than when utilised as storage space must be provided. With appropriate air circulation, you can make sure to preserve and maintain its condition throughout time! All our Cedar ooms have ventilated walls as standard and most windows have opening sashes, so if you have it on the snick (slightly open but locked) this will keep it ventilated.


Western Red Cedar Wood has a typical lifespan of up to 40-50 years. This makes it a perfect investment for your garden.


Cedar wood is extremely durable and therefore makes for a brilliant external material for your garden room.

Attractive appearance

With its variety of dark reddish coloured tones, Cedar wood is a go-to and provides a beautiful finish to your garden room.