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music garden room in enfield, london

Our client Mr Oskeys, an experienced London based sound engineer, got tired with the daily commute and the ever increasing rental prices for recording studios. On our initial meeting Mr Oskeys talked us through what requirements he would need in his Cedar Room. As his garden room would primarily be used for work purposes, we had to change our usual specification to suit his needs. Our usual UPVC double glazing had to be upgraded to triple glazing. And our Celotex insulation was changed to acoustic insulation, we also changed the plasterboard to soundboard, creating the perfect sound proof recording studio a few steps from his back door.


What the client said:

Mr Oskeys was amazed with what we achieved in 9 days, and as a family man he said, “before I had my Cedar Room Garden Room I was up early in the mornings for my commute to work, now I have time to walk my children to school before the short walk to the bottom of the garden to begin my working day, making that stressful everyday commute a distant memory. I’d like to thank Steve, Simon, and their team for all their fantastic work. Great company, great product”.

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