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Bespoke Garden Room Project in Stowupland

Cedarroom/Hardiplank room in Stowupland


Here’s our latest Cedar/Hardiplank Room in Stowupland, to be used as a home office and shed/storage area with a separate single door and internal wall separating the two. We’re delighted to share with you the project we undertook and how it came out!


The Hardiplank was applied to the entire exterior of the building for superior weatherproofing, making sure that this room can withstand any elements Stowupland throws at it which measures 6.0m wide x 2.0m deep.


Clad in Soft Green Hardiplank with a Cedar Clad underside of the canopy and stunning LEDs to give the Hardiplank a soft glow in the evening, it really stands out and makes the garden look stunning.


The Hardiplank Room features two separate doors, one to access the interior of the room and another single door to enter into the shed/storage area. We are proud to say that we managed to complete this project inside 8 days.

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