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Bespoke Garden Recording Studio Project

Recording Studio

The Cedar Room was approached by, Mokhtar Saib, an Algerian singer, songwriter and producer, with over 4 million subscribers on YouTube. The customer asked our team to build a fully bespoke 3.0m wide x 5.0m deep Grey Slate Hardiplank room for use as a sound recording studio.


The Hardiplank room was designed to provide an acoustic environment that would offer the best sound quality possible, with a high level of insulation from outside noise. The Hardiplank walls and ceiling were carefully constructed according to our customer's specific requests and fitted with several layers of acoustic foam lining. This provides a controlled reverberation so that sound waves are in balance and not distorted.


The Hardiplank room is equipped with the latest high-end sound mixing console, which allows our customer to mix multiple tracks in real-time and combine them into one single track.

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