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Hardie®Plank Garden Rooms Suffolk

Hardie® Plank

Imagine your own private retreat in Ipswich, Felixstowe, or another scenic location in Suffolk, beautifully integrated with your garden. This is the essence of Hardie®Plank garden rooms in Suffolk. Designed and realised by The Cedar Room, these bespoke spaces serve homeowners across Bury St Edmunds, Lowestoft, and Newmarket, offering a revolutionary solution for enhancing exterior living experiences.

Each Hardie®Plank garden room from The Cedar Room, whether in Ipswich or Felixstowe, is an artistic blend of time-honoured aesthetics and forward-thinking design. With escalating cedar wood costs, we’ve cleverly incorporated Hardie®Plank Cement Board on the back and sides of our garden rooms. This innovative adaptation ensures that we strike the right balance between visual impact, robust durability, and cost efficiency.

Our Hardie®Plank garden buildings highly requested in places like Felixstowe, Aldeburgh, and Sudbury, are a blend of serenity and strength. The tranquil cedar wood frontage, often seen in homes in Stowmarket and Haverhill, is complemented by the robust Hardie®Plank sides, creating a harmonious blend of textures and colours emblematic of Suffolk’s natural beauty.

Bespoke Hardie®Plank Garden Rooms: As Unique as You Are

At The Cedar Room, we believe that our bespoke Hardie®Plank garden rooms should meld seamlessly with their surroundings. These are not just standalone structures; they are thoughtfully designed extensions of your outdoor space. The natural elegance of the cedar wood fronts, combined with the hard-wearing Hardie®Plank sides, meet the modern homeowner’s demand for beauty and longevity.

The popularity of Hardie®Plank garden rooms in Suffolk is skyrocketing and for good reason. They offer a complex yet elegant design, a unique structural diversity, and a natural fit with their surroundings, all while catering to the financial considerations of the contemporary homeowner.

Hardie®Plank Office Garden Rooms: A Breath of Fresh Air

The versatility of our Hardie®Plank garden rooms extends beyond their aesthetic appeal. These spaces can become whatever you need them to be, from a peaceful sanctuary for relaxation to a productive Hardie®Plank office garden room. Working from home takes on a whole new meaning when your office is nestled in your garden, offering a serene and inspiring workspace in the heart of nature.

Trust The Cedar Room to bring your vision of a Hardie®Plank garden room to life in Suffolk. Whether you’re after a bespoke Hardie®Plank room or a Hardie®Plank office garden room, reach out to us today. Let’s embark on a journey to create your perfect outdoor space – a blend of style, functionality, and unbeatable durability. The garden room of your dreams is waiting for you.

Eco-friendly material

Utilize extra space in your garden without the hassle of an extension. You’ll benefit from a beautiful, functional space that offers more room, flexibility and efficiency with no compramise for style or function.


Bespoke Designs Looking for something unique? The Cedar Room Ltd creates personalised 3D CAD drawings of your proposed room and turns them into a reality, exactly the way you envision it.

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