Picture this: a cosy nook at the end of the garden where you can escape after a long day, a dedicated space that’s just yours. This isn’t just a daydream; it’s what a garden room can offer. But it’s not all about leisure; these spaces can serve countless purposes. Let’s walk through ten real-life perks of having your own garden room from The Cedar Room Ltd.

1. A Versatile Space Through the Seasons

A garden room is an all-season asset to your home. During the colder months, its insulation keeps you warm, allowing you to enjoy the frosty beauty of your garden from a cosy setting. Come summer, the same space offers a cool respite from the heat, where you can relax in the shade and enjoy the warm breeze without the discomfort of high temperatures. It’s a practical solution to the British climate, providing a comfortable, temperature-controlled environment that’s comfortable every day of the year.

2. Boosting Your Home’s Market Appeal

Adding a custom garden room is a strategic investment that can boost your property’s appeal and worth. It’s not just another room; it’s a flexible space that can be marketed as a home office, a luxury retreat, or an artist’s studio, appealing to a broad range of buyers. The Cedar Room Ltd specialises in creating garden rooms that are as functional as they are beautiful, ensuring that your investment is not only enjoyable but also financially prudent.

3. Maintaining a Healthy Work-Life Balance

The transition to remote work has made the need for a dedicated workspace more apparent than ever. A garden room provides a distinct separation from domestic life, allowing for a quiet, dedicated area that can boost productivity and professional focus. This separate space helps to establish a work-life boundary that can be difficult to maintain in the main house, where distractions are plentiful. With a garden room, you can design an office that fits your work style, from ergonomic furniture to custom storage, all while enjoying a view that keeps you inspired.

4. Wellbeing Corner

In today’s fast-paced world, having a space to focus on personal well-being is essential. A garden room offers a tranquil setting for activities that nourish the mind and body. Whether it’s for practising yoga, meditation, or engaging in gentle exercise, the natural light and surroundings contribute to a sense of peace and rejuvenation. It’s a space that encourages relaxation and reflection, helping to alleviate stress and promote a healthier lifestyle.

5. Tailored to Your Lifestyle

Your garden room should be an extension of your personal style and functional needs, and The Cedar Room Ltd understands this. Each garden room is designed with your input, ensuring that every element, from the layout to the finishes, is chosen to meet your specific requirements. Whether you need a bright and airy art studio with plenty of natural light or a snug library lined with bookshelves, your garden room can be customised to suit any hobby or interest, making it a truly personalised space.

6. Eco-Friendly Living

Choosing to add a garden room is also a choice to live more sustainably. The Cedar Room Ltd commits to eco-friendly practices, using responsibly sourced materials and energy-efficient designs. These garden rooms not only reduce your carbon footprint but also offer a healthier living environment with the potential for integrating green technologies like solar panels or rainwater harvesting systems, making your garden room an eco-haven.

7. Entertainment Hub

Think of the last time you had people over and wished you had just a bit more space. A garden room is the perfect solution for entertaining. It’s a flexible space that can adapt to any social setting—be it a lively birthday party or an intimate evening soiree. It’s an all-weather venue where you can entertain guests without worrying about the state of your house or the unpredictability of outdoor conditions.

8. A Private Retreat

Everyone needs a retreat—a place to escape the demands of daily life. A garden room can be that private sanctuary where you pursue your passions or simply enjoy some quiet time. It can be a space that’s just for you, away from the responsibilities and noise of the household. Whether you’re crafting, reading, or playing an instrument, your garden room can be equipped with everything you need for your leisure activities, offering a peaceful environment where you can relax and recharge.

9. Flexible with Your Life

Life is ever-changing, and a garden room is adaptable enough to meet these evolving needs. What starts as a playroom for young children can later transform into a study space for teenagers, a workout room for adults, or a hobby room for retirees. The Cedar Room Ltd designs garden rooms with the future in mind, considering how the space can be repurposed over the years. This adaptability makes a garden room a practical addition for the long term, capable of evolving with your family’s lifestyle.

10. A Touch of Elegance

Beyond functionality, a garden room can be a stylish feature that complements and enhances your home’s overall design. The Cedar Room Ltd offers a variety of architectural styles that can be tailored to harmonise with your existing property, whether you’re looking for a contemporary edge or a traditional charm.


A garden room from The Cedar Room Ltd is a versatile, practical, and beautiful investment in your home and your well-being. It’s a space that grows with you and your family, offering a slice of the great outdoors without stepping outside your comfort zone. Ready to explore the possibilities? Visit our past projects for some inspiration and let’s start the journey to your perfect garden room.


Can a garden room be used all year?

Yes, garden rooms can be used throughout the year. They are designed with insulation that keeps them warm in the winter and cooler in the summer months. With the right heating and cooling solutions, they provide a comfortable space no matter the season.

Do I need planning permission for a garden room?

In many cases, garden rooms fall under ‘permitted development’ and don’t require planning permission, especially if they meet certain size and positioning criteria. However, it’s always best to check with your local planning authority as regulations can vary.

How long does it take to build a garden room?

The time it takes to build a garden room can vary depending on the design and size. Typically, The Cedar Room Ltd can complete a garden room within 4-6 weeks from the start of construction. This time frame can be affected by factors such as custom features and weather conditions.

Are garden rooms energy efficient?

Garden rooms are designed to be energy efficient, often constructed with materials that have good insulating properties and designed to make the best use of natural light. Additionally, options for renewable energy sources like solar panels can enhance energy efficiency.

Can I customise my garden room?

Absolutely! The Cedar Room Ltd specialises in bespoke garden rooms that can be tailored to your specific needs and tastes. From the interior layout to the external finishes, you can customise almost every aspect.

How do garden rooms affect property value?

Garden rooms generally add value to your property by providing additional functional space. They are viewed as an attractive feature by potential buyers and can make your property stand out in the housing market.

Is a garden room a good investment?

Yes, a garden room is considered a good investment. It not only increases your living space and property value but also offers a versatile area that can adapt to various uses over time. With the quality and durability of construction from The Cedar Room Ltd, a garden room is a long-term investment that can enhance your lifestyle in many ways.