Our Range of Garden Rooms

Discover the stunning garden buildings The Cedar Room has to offer.

Garden Rooms By Materials

Cedar Rooms

We create bespoke garden rooms using Cedar wood, known for its natural beauty and longevity. We chose Western Red Cedar wood, which lasts long and requires minimal care. So, when you pick a Cedar Room, you get a stunning, low-maintenance bespoke garden space that enhances your home for many years.

Hardie®Plank Rooms

Embrace sophistication with our Hardie®Plank garden rooms. Merging cedar wood’s rustic charm at the front with the robust Hardie®Plank Cement Board on the sides, this design encapsulates elegance with a contemporary touch. For homeowners with a keen eye for design, this combination offers incredible visual appeal.

Hybrid Rooms

Experience the best of both worlds with Hybrid Garden Rooms. Combining the natural beauty of Cedar with the cost-effective durability of Hardie®Plank, these bespoke garden rooms offer an attractive and economical solution for your outdoor space. This blend of materials not only looks stunning but ensures you don’t compromise on layout or size.

Garden Rooms By Application

Man Caves

Craft your sanctuary in Suffolk with The Cedar Room’s tailored man caves. Using revolutionary Hardie®Plank cladding, we provide a canvas for your vision — be it a rustic hideaway or a contemporary leisure space. Infused with personalised finishes and features, it’s more than just a room – it’s an experience.

Garden Gyms

Designed for the health enthusiast in you, our garden gyms are built with quality materials to complement your garden and ensuring a comfortable space for you to work out. They’re also a smart investment – not only saving on pricey gym memberships but potentially boosting your property’s value.

Garden Offices

Experience work from the serenity of your garden. Constructed with high-quality Hardie®Plank and available in wood or timber cladding, these garden offices provide a dedicated space for work and leisure, eliminating daily commutes and offering cost savings.

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