Bespoke Garden Room Project

Garden Room For Small Space

The Cedar Room was approached by a client in East London with a request to replace an old concrete garage with a new garden room measuring 4.0m wide x 3.0m deep. The team worked closely with the client during the design and planning stage to ensure that the final design met their requirements. The garden room was constructed with cedar wood for the walls and roof, while the sides and rear elevation were clad in black feather edge boards to keep costs down. The structure included a shed/storage area and an office space with a 2.5m sliding door and a heater for warmth during colder months.

"The room is stunning and Stu and Mac are remarkable. I really can't praise them enough."




Mike hardson


8 Days



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The team faced the challenge of working in a small area and around existing structures, such as the fence and neighbouring garages. However, the project was completed within 8 days, meeting the client’s given timeframe and budget. The client was pleased with the final outcome, as the garden room provided them with a functional workspace and storage area while enhancing the visual appeal of their garden.


The use of high-quality materials, such as cedar wood and black feather edge boards, provided a modern and stylish look to the building, blending well with the surrounding environment. Overall, the project was a success and demonstrated the team’s expertise in designing and constructing functional and stylish outdoor spaces.