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More people are choosing to work from home than ever before. Tired of the daily commute to work? Why not add an office to your garden?

Do you make a long commute to work each day when you would rather work from the comfort of your own home? We can provide your own purpose built, dedicated office space. Many of our customers have used our Garden Rooms to achieve stunning home offices, a place where they can go to each day away from the distractions of being at home…while still being at home. We can install kitchens, bathrooms and anything you may need for your day at work. Need a separate meeting room to take your clients? As all of our garden rooms are bespoke and designed not only to maximise the space available but to cater perfectly for the desired application anything is possible and the features are endless. Check out some of our existing Home Offices on our Garden Rooms Page

Having looked around for a garden office for some time I chose The Cedar Room as their product was hands down the best on the market for the money. But more than that, after meeting Steve, I was left in no doubt that the job would be done to perfection, which indeed it has been. He’s a real craftsman with great attention to detail and unbelievably hard-working – he more or less built ours singlehandedly in less than 7 working days which was astonishing. Ours was a very tight space with not much working room but Steve got the job done and always with good humour. We’re simply delighted with the finished product (and my much improved commute!) and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend to anyone.
Simon from Suffolk

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Bespoke made eco-friendly Garden Rooms, supplied from Felixstowe, Suffolk, across East Anglia & Greater London. We feel it's really important to conduct a site visit where possible. By doing so we can meet our potential clients, and gather a real understanding of specifically what you want.